Retractable Awnings

EVO Retractable Awning

Limited Lifetime WarrantyEVO retractable awning combines sophisticated design with the modern technology to offer unparalleled performance and unique features currently not found on any other system of its kind. It utilizes the EVO arm bracket of which is a combination die cast/extrusion to obtain the highest strength and still provide the maximum ease for pitch adjustment and installation. Thanks to the strength and the design of the arm bracket, EVO is the only awning on the market that can safely go to a 13’6” (162”) projection still using a standard 1.5” square bar.  When closed, EVO SC completely conceals the fabric into a cassette awning, giving it a clean look and design. Evo SC is available up to 40’ (480”) maximum width.

SHAN Retractable Arm Cassette Awning

Limited Lifetime WarrantySHAN retractable arm cassette awning. It can only be motorized and installed on the wall. The Dynamic Tipping System allows the tipping of the support when the awning is retracting, maintaining a perfect closure of the cassette. The special gasket along the whole terminal profile makes the awning watertight and ensures a silent closer. The compact box dimension is 10”H x 7 1/4“ deep. A single section is up to 23’ (276”) wide and can reach a 13.8” (164”) projection. Pitch adjustment is available up to a 40 degrees. The micrometric regulation of inclination allows for easy and precise pitch adjustment.

SVET Retractable Lateral Arm Open Roll Awning

Limited Lifetime WarrantyThe SVET is an aesthetic revolution with extreme design, cutting edge performance and its marked aluminum profile perfectly in line with contemporary urban architecture. The SVET’s ability to cover wide spaces makes it particularly suited for bars, restaurants and resorts.

Made in the USA

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